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Rennova - Protects the value of your property with professional stone Polishing / Restoration & Care.
The Polishing / Restoration of natural marble & other stones requires knowledge & professional skill to restore it to a true finish with environment-friendly & patented products and systems.

Rennova has long-time experience in both residential and commercial Polishing / Restoration and maintenance of all natural stones. We strive to exceed all client expectations by remaining an honest and reliable company. We do not cut corners, recommend unnecessary services, and take advantage of our customers; we believe that a good reputation will sustain Rennova in the long run. Using our high standard craftsmanship polish, clean and seal your marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, etc. to restore your natural stone surfaces back to their original and beautiful appearance.
With our latest technology, a decade of experience in industry and R&D, our specialized and innovative team of executives & dynamic workers, provide the best solution and best service.

Natural Stone, throughout the centuries for its lasting strength and beauty, the stone has long been considered the ultimate architectural adornment. But the truth is, like any organic substance, natural stone is susceptible to wear, tear and weather and the chemicals found in most common cleaners. So, it can lose its natural luster and strength, But properly planned, fabricated, installed and maintained, natural stone will actually appreciate in value-with a better-than-new appearance; increased safety; improved ease of maintenance and longer life of your stone.

At Rennova we take all the factors into account that can affect the strength and appearance of stone including the age, location and type of stone, installation, current & past cleaning and maintenance practices. Because every type of stone has its own special characteristics, we begin by accurately identifying the problem-then, developing a personalized solution.

Rennova is committed to utilizing the most suitable products and latest advances in technology to ensure your natural stone is treated in the most effective and efficient way. We also make sure to continually undergo training to keep updated on current techniques and innovations.

We undertake Polishing / Restoration, Enhancement and care of all types of dimensional stone whether interior or exterior including :

  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Flagstone
  • Limestone
  • Quartz
  • Travertine and any other natural stone.

Rennova also services manmade stone and agglomerates. These includ :

  • Filled travertine
  • Terrazzo
  • Brick & Concrete paver
  • Concrete
  • Composite stones
  • Quarry Tile

The services that Rennova provides on these surfaces include :

  • Complete restoration to like a new installation
  • Sealing and protecting indoors and out
  • Scratch and damage repair,
  • Gloss restoration
  • Stain & burn removal
  • Color enhancement
  • Cleaning with proper stone care products
  • Floor leveling of uneven stone tiles
  • Regrouting & grout cleaning
  • Training on proper stone care to customers
  • Products sales to support trained customers
  • Monthly maintenance services
  • Post construction detailing

Rennova practice and share a philosophy centred on providing timely, responsive customer service with a single goal of total satisfaction and protect your natural stone investment.

Our Team is looking forward to assisting in any of the locations you want us.

THE TECHNIQUE : This Technique of Polishing Stone Floors is noiseless, fast, natural and completely hygienic.

The stone is not ground but sanding is done using diamond abrasives and is very fast. The process is done with all imported equipment from Italy. The stone is then treated according to the requirement. Various treatments after the Diamond Resin bond Diamond treatment is as follow:

Natural Stone Treatment
We supply & Treat, what you need; to provide the best suitable epoxy resin treatment and restoring solutions, with the best service and technology.

Polishing : To achieve an objective of wet look glossy floor. The technique provides excellent gloss by using the red pad and various Chemical mix. Chemical used for this process is called as restoring chemical.

Strong Natural Stones : Improving the resistance and strength of natural stones is a necessity with difficulty of finding imperfect blocks; to lower the costs, decrease loss and wastage, increase quality and profit focus on CMT which focuses on you.

Protection / Impregnation: The chemical treatment is done to achieve stain prevention and resistance to various materials like oil, tea, coffee, foods etc. This treatment is required in areas with high traffic and is a must for most marble floors (Optional).

Crystallisation : To achieve high gloss and hardness on floors. The chemical reacts with calcium contents to harden the upper layer of marble. Ideal for heavy traffic areas, stain resistant to some extent, required regular usage of crystallizer to maintain gloss and hardness in worn off areas. It can be done without the usage of any other treatments if done on a regular basis.

Marble is a gorgeous stone that can transform any room into elegance. Whether you have a new marble floor that you want to keep its lustre or an older marble floor than you want to be restored to that brand new shine; Rennova knows marble.

Your Floors Our Showroom
At Rennova we understand that your home is more than just a place to live, its an investment, an expression of who you are. You’ve paid special attention to every detail in your home and you want it to look its best at all times.

At Rennova we understand your needs. That’s why we pay special attention to every detail in your home. We use the latest techniques and products. We strive to be the fastest, and friendliest service on the market and provide you with the professional stone and tile detailing service your home deserves.

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